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How can you get ride of ......................... Help please?

i have faint streth marks on my butt and theinside of my calfs and my upper thigh. Is there are lotions or anything thats can get rid of them. They have to be cheap and work fastHow can you get ride of ......................... Help please?
Cocoa butter works wonders. It comes in a roll on stick and it is cheap. Don't use the lotion though. You could laso try mederma because it is a sort of scar.How can you get ride of ......................... Help please?
Not sure how much you are willing to spend so look for creams contain cocoa butter, wheat germ oil and lanolin. They help to heal stretch marks by rebuilding the structure of your skin. 8-10 glasses of water will improve elasticity, and vitamin A, C, %26amp; E helps to maintain the suppleness of the skin. Hope I was a little help. Good Luck!
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  • How do i get ride of botters and laggers in chay rooms?

    use yahElite chat client

    How do i get ride of head lice?


    - 100 watt lightbulb or natural light is best

    - nit comb (recommended instead of fine-toothed comb)

    - old toothbrush for cleaning out the nit comb after each check

    - magnifying glass (easier to determine what's what)

    - natural lice treatment/preventative (normally contains tea tree oil and/or lavender essential oils)

    - rubbing alcohol and glass cup (to put combs, toothbrush in after checking)

    - option: pup tent for the child to ';camp'; in for the duration so you don't have to keep stripping down the bed every day to wash


    - Make sure you know what ingredients are used in the lice treatment product and research how safe it is

    - Treat the hair according to the lice treatment product directions

    - Be vigilant about combing every strand of hair with the nit comb (every day the first week, every other day the following week)

    - Vacuum car seats, mattresses, furniture

    - Wash all bedding and recently worn clothing (put dryer on the hottest setting)

    - Soak all affected combs/brushes in rubbing alcohol for at least 24 hours

    - Notify/check all family members and any visitors that have been in recent contact with your family

    - Make sure your kids don't share hats, coats, scarves, etc at school

    - Make sure your kids bring their own sleeping bags/pillows to sleepovers


    - confuse nits with hair debris (see article When a Nit is not a Nit %26gt;

    - get/use lice spray %26gt; lice are localized and won't stray from the head unless there's another head of hair close by to set up shop in

    - use OTC or prescription lice killers because they are pesticides, therefore poisonous (the CDC concedes that ';treatment failures are common'; and states several health hazards with using the following: pyrethrins [A-200, Pronto, R%26amp;C, Rid, Triple X], permethrin [Nix], malathion [Ovide], lindane [Kwell])

    - use mayo, vaseline, pet flea shampoo, vinegar, gasoline %26gt; not only are they a PITA to clean out but some like gas are flammable and dangerous to use (c'mon, use a little common sense!) or strip the hair

    - buy a lice treatment product if it doesn't state what is in the ingredients


    My first (and hopefully last!) experience with lice was when I noticed nits on my oldest DS 3 weeks ago. I had those little buggers gone within 3 days! I did not spray, use crazy home remedies wearing a shower cap all night or bag up all sorts of stuff (like stuffed animals). I did not have to use Rid, Nix or any of the other OTC stuff.

    I combed my DS every day, twice a day for a week. I washed all the bedding and dirty laundry using the normal water temperature but put the dryer on the highest heat setting. I checked my son twice a day for a week, being careful to comb through his entire head. I bought the Robi-Comb but it wasn't very reliable. It considers dandruff and other hair debris as lice, and doesn't detect nits. Nobody else we had been in contact with or within my household (me, DH, youngest DS) ever got infested. I do, however, insist my family use a natural tea tree oil %26amp; lavender shampoo/conditioner as a treatment and preventative (I like Giovanni the best; also tried JASON; California Baby makes one too), along with Lice Off spray daily, in between shampoos.

    Good luck and email me if you have any questions!How do i get ride of head lice?
    Go to the drug store and get shampoo to get rid of it and wash bed clothing. Read what it says to do on the medicine shampoo.How do i get ride of head lice?
    Head lice are wingless insects approximately the size of a sesame seed that feed on human blood. They are the most common form of lice infestation in the United States. The majority of cases occur in children between the ages of 3 and 10 and their families.

    Head lice live approximately 30 days, with the female laying between five and 10 eggs per day. Nits (lice eggs) have a white to brown appearance and are usually found on hair strands near the scalp. They are attached firmly and may be difficult to remove. Nits hatch within approximately six to 10 days as nymphs, becoming adults about 10 days after that.

    Learn more about head lice at Your Total Health at鈥?/a>
    IMy daughter had lice at one time, we used Nix from walgreens and then a friend turned me on to, Tea Tree Oil , it is excellent in detering lice from hair, put a few drops in your shampoo and just wash and rinse as normal, and is also great fro you scalp. ou can pick it up at nay beauty shop.
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    apply lots of conditioner to the hair because the lice won't be able to grip to the hair because it will be too slidey, when you are in the bath get a nit comb and comb the lice out of the hair, get a solution designed to kill the lice from a pharmacy and apply to hair, apply vinegar to scalp (kills instantly) always nit comb hair to get rid of eggs. good luck =)

    How do i get ride of my flabbiness?

    its so unfair i have lost 44 kgs im 88 kg's 182cm howcome i cant have a thin body just like everyone esle i got no money to get a surgery for flabbiness !!!!!!!!!!!!! :( im broke as hellHow do i get ride of my flabbiness?
    Body symmetry is largely a product of genetic composition. If you are born flabby, you can only do so much with diet and exercise. I suggest you do lots of ab crunches and other weight traiining. Consult a personal trainer (some come free with a gymn membership) or ask your local cosmetic surgeon about surgical options on a certain budget then save up for a liposuction, laser treatment or something. Now, there are a lot of ways to trim fat off our waist.How do i get ride of my flabbiness?鈥?/a>
    First off congratulations on the weightloss!!!!!!! I would recommend getting a 2nd job! Save up till you get enough money to remove the flab. Stay in shape, and continue to live a healthy lifestyle. Best wishes!
    go to the gym or just run at your house or do exersise a your house to it will work if u do enough of it!!
    Did you have a gastric bypass? Usually the insurance will cover the surgery required to remove excess skin. The only way that I know of to firm up flabbiness is through weight training and exercise. Good luck
    Go to the gym for some wight lifting and start eating more protein.

    How do i get ride of fat on my thighs?

    the best way to get rid of fat anywhere is to do cardio! thats the only way, another thingt hat might help is weight lifting, unless you take steriods you WILL NOT get bulky since youre a girl! a girl that get bulky either takes steriods or takes creotine (not sure how its spelled) its a protein that provides oxygen to your muscles and helps em bulk up when u weight train. anyways u can do wieght lifting because then as your muscles get stronger they will burn more calories and youll have a faster metabolismHow do i get ride of fat on my thighs?
    get your big @ss outside and do some yardwork. stop eatin everything in stie.How do i get ride of fat on my thighs?
    sorry to tell you that it isn't going to happen. genetics. just wait to see how big you are in another 10 years

    I need to get ride of streach marks on my legs asap?

    i dont knoe what to do anymore ; [I need to get ride of streach marks on my legs asap?
    To make the marks less visible, even out the skin tone of the affected using papaya kojic and licorice base soap and cream. These work wonders. Maybe it will work on you too. Try searching it through Google 'shopaholic's bargains'I need to get ride of streach marks on my legs asap?
    Well to get rid of them ASAP you will need to get laser surgery.

    If you want to diminish the amount the is showing then use butters such as cocoa butter and shea butter to make sure the skin is not dry.
    ahhh i have this prob too. dont have a clue what to do. if you get an answer will you email me? thanks =]

    How do i get ride of all the stuff on my yahoo toolbar?

    CLick the little pencil on the left side of the toolbar and select ';Toolbar Options';. From there, you can navigate to remove the buttons you don't want to appear in the toolbar.
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